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Emeritus Professor Patrick Duignan

BA, H.Dip Ed (NUI); B.Ed, M.Ed Admin, PhD (Alta)


International Speaker and Consultant

Leading Learning in Catholic Schools (2010)

This 3 DVD set provides a number of cutting edge ideas on leadership in Catholic systems and schools structured to assist in the professional learning of educational leaders, including teachers. The DVDs were filmed in live workshop situations. 

In Peer Comments on the cover, Michael Bezzina (Associate Professor, ACU) suggests that ‘Catholic educators will be challenged by the grounded explicitness of Patrick’s treatment of moral purpose, and academics will delight in the breadth of his scholarship’. Professor Jerry Starratt (Boston College) says that ‘Duignan’s gems of wise knowledge will challenge, enlighten, and uplift the souls of educators’. Professor Jim Conroy (Dean, Faculty of Education, Uni of Glasgow) states ‘Patrick has distilled a lifetime’s wisdom into 3DVDs and offers real insights on how key leadership ideas may be applied to better understand leadership in Catholic Schools’. Merv McCormack (Catholic Education Sydney Archdiocese) rates the DVDs ‘a much-valued resource for educational leaders and teachers where authentic leadership is faithfully pursued. A very “user-friendly” format for staff meetings’.

Available from: www.acel.org.au

Leading Australia’s Schools (2008) This edited book (Patrick Duignan and David Gurr) presents 17 stories of principals across Australia who have achieved extraordinary outcomes in their schools. The book is the product of a project conducted by The Australian Council for Educational Leaders and sponsored by the Australian Government. The foreword is written by The Hon. Julie Bishop, Minister for Education, Science and Training.

Available from: www.acel.org.au

Educational Leadership: Key challenges and ethical tensions (2006)

In this  research-based book Patrick provides educational leaders, including teachers, with ways of analysing and resolving complex ethical issues. The ethical tensions inherent in common leadership challenges are identified; a framework for their analysis presented and explained; and a clear practitioner-focused method for ethical decision-making recommended. Available from: www.cambridge.edu.au                                            

Consultancy Topics for 2013/2014

  1. Succession planning for building sustainable leadership capacity

  2. Authentic presence and influence relationships at the core of influential leadership

  3. Leading change in self, self in change, change in others, and others in change

  4. Leading with integrity, dignity and authenticity in competitive environments

  5. Ethical decision making and adaptive leadership in situations of paradox and dilemma

  6. Leaders building deep, rich, engaging and tech-smart learning environments

  7. Nurturing a collective ethic of responsibility for quality leadership in systems and organisations

  8. Mission/vision-inspired strategic planning and accountability in not-for-profit organisations

  9. Catholic imperatives for sharing and distributing leadership in systems and school

Emeritus Professor Patrick Duignan is passionate about leadership and is a highly sought after international speaker and consultant on leadership in not-for-profit organisations. During his career Patrick was a teacher, deputy principal, principal, lecturer, professor and dean in tertiary institutions in Canada, Australia and Brunei. Patrick has inspired leaders through presentations and workshops in government and non-government education systems and schools across Australia as well as in New Zealand, Scotland, England, Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada, Bhutan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. He is widely published in national and international refereed publications and is author of Educational Leadership - Key Challenges and Ethical Tensions (2006) Cambridge University Press; Educational Leadership: Together Creating Ethical Learning Environments (2012) Cambridge University Press; co-author of The Power of Many: Building Sustainable Collective Leadership in Schools (2011); Dancing on a Shifting Carpet: Reinventing Traditional Schooling for the 21st Century (2010); co-editor of Leading Australia’s Schools (2008); and he recorded a 3 DVD set that provides a number of cutting-edge ideas on leadership in school systems and schools to assist in professional learning of educational leaders, including teachers.

For greater insight into Patrick’s contribution to leadership please refer to professional highlights, publications, research, and awards listed in the following pages.

Dancing on a Shifting Carpet: Reinventing traditional schooling for the 21st century (2010) Leoni Degenhardt and Patrick Duignan provide a detailed blow-by-blow account of how a traditional school ‘reinvented‘ itself to meet the needs of contemporary students. It is a how-to-do-it book underpinned by strong research, robust theories and exemplary practices.

Professor Robert J. Starratt in his foreword suggests that ‘readers of this book will accompany the authors on a journey through a remarkable story; a story of the adventure of leadership, of the complexity, courage and deep satisfactions gained from participating in significant change’.

Available from: sales@acer.edu.au

The Power of Many (2011)

Patrick Duignan and Helen Cannon argue the case for a more inclusive and collaborative leadership within schools by  offering a series of alternative models and they gather views from existing principals and assistant principals to demonstrate what might work better than the dominant model followed today. The Power of Many shows how the collective capacity of leadership in schools can be enhanced and sustained. Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink in their foreword state that the authors ‘show us how this Power of Many can amplify the power of every one of us.That is their own power and the power of this book.

Available from: sales@acer.edu.au

Educational Leadership: Together creating ethical learning environments (2012) This second edition is a groundbreaking work at the forefront of current research into the ethical challenges inherent to leadership. Patrick combines a new perspective of leadership as an influence relationship, with a collective ethic of responsibility and draws together cutting-edge research, theory and best practice on learning, teaching and leadership to assist leaders and teachers to better understand contemporary educational challenges and respond to them wisely, creatively and effectively. This book is indispensable for all system and educational professionals engaged in policy-making, leadership development, leading learning in schools and those in academe responsible for programs aimed at the improvement of learning, teaching and leadership. Michael Fullan in his foreword to this book states that with regard to leadership, ’it is all there: moral purpose, macro challenges, micro challenges, tensions and dilemmas, individual and collective ethics, innovation and more’.

Available from: www.cambridge.edu.au